The restaurant is named after a city in Argentina - Salta. Set amidst some of the most beautiful rock and mountain formations in the world, the city is home to colonial architecture, interesting history, indigenous pride and friendly gracious people. Salta is famous for its food, particularly beef, throughout South America. The cattle in Argentina graze the grass plains freely and openly, resulting in lean meat and less saturated fats. As no hormones or supplements are given, the beef produced is natural, healthy and full of flavour. It is also high in Vitamin B and other nutrients that aid in cancer prevention.
Of all seven fires of Argentine cooking, SALTA brings you the Parilla. A 5-metre long charcoal fired grill stands as the spectacular centre-piece in the restaurant. It is not just any barbeque. The skill of a Parilla house is tested by the ability to control the heat. Unlike a stove where you can adjust the flame, heat is adjusted manually by moving your coals closer or farther from the grate, pan or pot. Watch as chefs work hard to shove burning charcoal, as controlling the temperature is no easy feat. You can raise the grate, move the port, or arrange the coals in a wood-fired oven so that there are some areas that have a heaping pile of hot coals while other areas have just a thin bed of glowing embers.

Coated with some South American allure, dining at SALTA is inextricably linked to socialising, and the pleasure of life itself. Be it to catch up with friends over mate served in intricate pumpkin gondolas, or a well aged bottle of red Malbec wine in view of a romantic evening, it’s all charming at SALTA.